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Song of the Circle

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Song of the Circle being the first book of the Chronicles of the Stone.
Utini, born beneath a unique gathering of stars, is destined to travel ancient trails with Hera, a young woman of courage and wisdom, at his side. Eroa, the master carver of stone, is also of their journey for he can do no other. Together they carry a sacred carving into the world. Peace calls them forth to challenge the darkness embodied in the warriors of the Black Robe.
To protect the sacred they are driven to penetrate the treacherous Halls of Stone, ride the Dark River beneath the mountains and voyage across the Great Ocean. Here power, harnessed to destroy, is met by strength founded in compassion and minds that look beyond violence to the timeless realms of spirit and wisdom embodied in universal truth. Thus armed with knowledge founded in archetypes etched into memory and courage born of commitment to the higher good, they strive to meet the challenge of the darkness.
Their journey is one of discovery for as they create Tu Ahu — small stone altars in special sites — they join the land to the stars and awaken powerful cosmic lore. Yet, all the time they carry ancient wisdom that declares ‘the darkness and the light are one.’
The path that opens carries us into primal truths that touch our lives today. The elders say, ‘we are of the Circle and the Circle is of us. All is one.’

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