You can be happy right here and now. There is nothing that needs to happen first for you to be happy. Relationships, a better career, your life purpose - they all make you 'happier' - they simply increase the happiness that is already there inside you. But they are not essential.

If happiness is so easy, then why are you not happy right now? Because you may be resisting happiness. We generally resist happiness by thinking "we need so and so thing to be happy." Or we resist happiness by living too much in the past and the future or by thinking too negatively about what we are experiencing.

This book has 100 fascinating ways in which you can lower your resistance to happiness right now. No matter what situation you are in, whether rich or broke, whether single or in a relationship, you can release all resistance to happiness right now.

Why not give these interesting happiness hacks a try?

Yes, you can be happy. Nothing else needs to happen first.

Published: Meghashyam Chirravoori on
ISBN: 9781301827404
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