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How to Hate Less, Date Better, and Love Always

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When Tricia meets people they are often surprised by the fact that she is a woman of Asian descent with a thick southern accent; fascinated, they immediately begin to question how she came to be. The answer to their question is not quite as simple as one would expect, as it is one filled with twists and turns, it is a story of perpetual abandonment, endless disappointment, and cyclical loss. After Tricia reveals her background, people become astounded by how she lives life so happily, and they ask to know her secret. Tricia believes there are many people who are experiencing unhappiness and failed relationships due to the abandonment issues they are unaware they have. Known as the “Cheater expert,” she has a Facebook following and a successful dating blog where her subscribers often confide in her by sharing the difficulty they have being comfortable in their relationships due to the pain from loss, abuse, and abandonment. As a result they often go through life unhappy, which keeps them in the cycle of attracting unsuitable lovers and being in unpleasant situations. Owning all of her mistakes and embarrassments, from her stint as an alcoholic and drug abuser to the failed, toxic relationships she endured because she thought she needed to, Tricia shares her story in a raw, honest semi-memoir, How to Hate Less, Date Better, and Love Always. Tricia explores her past, how it affected her outlook on choosing whom to let into her life. She reveals her secrets on how to catch and leave the cheater, avoid scandalous Facebook situations, and shares her antidotes on how anyone can overcome obstacles to find love and happiness on their own terms.

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