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Grover Norquist The Fool Who Would Be King

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Grover Norquist. The Man. The Myth. The Little Dictator.

The hard hitting deep coverage you would expect from a political satire.

This book gives more honest information about Grover Norquist than any other source. Unfortunately, the reality is painfully humorous. In an end-of-the-world kind of humor.

Good political satire is satisfying in the same manner that removing shoes that pinch feels GREAT – but the irony is that life would be better without the bad shoes anyway. Strangely, instead of throwing away the bad shoes, we put them back in the closet, and then KNOWINGLY put them on again someday.

Grover Norquist is a pair of bad shoes, pinching the Nation’s feet.

Can’t we all agree to just throw away this twisted, ugly, uptight pair of cramped Norquist pumps? Lady Liberty’s feet just can’t be shoved into such a narrow, non-functional solution.

Chapters include the real scoop, in a crazy, yummy Neapolitan of dreamy satire.

Chapter 1 –– Grover Norquist. The Little Dictator of Democracy

Chapter 2 –– Birth! Behold Ayn Rand Conceived a Child! Let’s call him Grover after a bad President

Chapter 3 –– Childhood. It’s so very hard to be the son of a Vice President of a major corporation. Becoming the schoolyard bully was inevitable

Chapter 4 –– College Years. Yeah Nixon! Grover Love you so very much! Oh, and a little bit of cross-dressing too

Chapter 5 –– Rise of the Little Dictator – and transparency is just for the little people.

Chapter 6 ––The Fall! Alas, poor Norquist, I knew him well

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