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Betsy Ross: The Woman Who Made The First Flag

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On the first day of 1752, a new baby was born. Her parents were Samuel and Rebecca Griscom. They named their baby Elizabeth, but soon everyone called her Betsy.
Betsy grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her father worked as a carpenter. He helped to build many buildings. He helped build the Carpenters Hall and many houses. He even built the house that Betsy and her family lived in.
Samuel Griscom also helped build the bell tower on the Pennsylvania State House. Years later the State House became the place where America became a country. The Declaration of Independence was signed there. That's when they changed the name of the State House to Independence Hall.
Betsy had seventeen brothers and sisters. Eight of them were older than she was, and eight of them were younger. Betsy was right in the middle.
However, life was very hard in Betsy's day. Eight of her brothers and sisters died before they became adults.

Read the story of the woman who sewed the first flag for the newly born United States of America.

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