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One day Tommy Turtle got up early and took a bath. After he was all clean he sat down and ate his breakfast of turtle mush, which he didn't like.
Then Tommy decided to go out for a walk. He walked up the street and around the corner and down the block. He ended up at the park.
Tommy Turtle walked around and smelled the flowers. He rolled around in the nice clean grass. Then he lay on his back and watched the clouds make funny pictures in the sky.
After a while Tommy started getting hungry. He decided he'd better go home. But Tommy couldn't remember how to get home! Tommy Turtle was lost.
Tommy went over to Mr. Penguin who was selling popsicles. “Mr. Penguin, I'm lost. I don't know how to get home,” Tommy cried.
“Let me see if I can help you,” Mr. Penguin said. “What is your full name?”
“I don't know,” Tommy said. So Mr. Penguin called a policeman. The policeman took Tommy to the police station. It took a long time to find Mr. and Mrs. Turtle. Finally they came and took Tommy home.
But the policeman could have helped me get home because I know that my full name is _______________________________.
This book is designed to help your child learn this important information without frightening him or her. There are lines to show where your child should say the information that pertains to them. This will enable the child to contact you if he or she ever becomes separated from you.
The repetition of information will help your child to remember the information contained in this book.
When read like any other story book you read to your child, the information in this book should not alarm small children, but rather give them a sense of pride and accomplishment for being smarter than Tommy Turtle, and in charge of their own lives.

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