Overcoming Challenges Praying With Psalms
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The exercise of financial and spiritual freedom is made difficult by spectrum of evil contenders. APOSTLE SOUGHTOUT E. MATTHEW in his book entitled: OVERCOMING CHALLENGES... PRAYING WITH PSALMS has identified such evil contenders that overwhelm man in many respects.

He has equally identified various Psalms you can pray so as to demobilize and frustrate evils and afflictions that torment man.

To APOSTLE SOUGHTOUT E. MATTHEW therefore, you need not abandon all ease and embrace pain because there are psalms you can pray. You need not impoverish yourself when poverty is at your door because; there are available Psalms that can demobilize poverty and enthrone prosperity in your life.

Afflictions, fear, illness, enemies, troubles, among others can be dealt with when appropriate Psalms are prayed. I have personally applied APOSTLE SOUGHTOUT E. MATTHEW’S prescriptions and found them to be effective. Such prescriptions are available for all that desire progress.

Chief Emeka Nwajiobi Sylvanus

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