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Notes on the Way Home (in Russian)

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Like everyone of us I am just a stranger seeking answers to the eternal questions and if this book has caught your attention we may have a lot in common. I think we all seek Love, Happiness and Harmony and this book is the result of my search. In my opinion fables and short stories have always been the best way to express the inexpressible so my feelings and thoughts found expression in the short essays.
I started writing small essays in which I described my insight experience, feelings and thoughts caused by every day events in year 2006. In December 2012 due to the great help and support by my husband I published a book called Notes on the Way Home. All the stories are listed according to the date when they were written and you may find the first ones too childish (as they really are) but I decided to include them in the book anyway as they are significant for me and show the general direction of my thoughts and focus in different periods of my life.
I believe that the Teacher is always inside each of us and if we are conscious enough to observe the way we perceive and react to the reality around us we can get to know and understand a lot about ourselves and the world around. All the answers you need are inside yourself and have always been there but you should have patience and courage to explore yourself.
In this book I share with you my insight experience and I am happy if these stories served you as an inspiration on Your Way to discover your Teacher and inner source of Happiness and Harmony.
So enjoy the process of discovering yourself as in fact the process is the goal.

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