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Ben Grissam is a PhD student finishing his studies. His final flight to complete his thesis is wrecked by a cataclysmic navigational error caused by a fellow student. He awakes from the turmoil to find his damaged craft is in orbit around the sea world Saline. Light years from home and with little chance of survival, his only hope is to board an abandoned alien mining vessel.

The intrigue begins as Ben's presence initialises the dormant crafts systems. Ben explores the ship and triggers the awakening of the vessel's hologram Science Officer, Kira. Together they piece together the grim story surrounding the disappearance of the crew.

As the mystery unfolds, Kira's homeworld, Hebros, is threatened by a warlike race, the A'rath. Treachery is afoot when Ben and Kira discover a subterfuge. A cloaked A'rath fleet is poised to attack Hebros. They must somehow use the mining vessel to prevent the destruction of Kira's homeworld.

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