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Forty Nights: The Tides Below

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From Bible verses to children's songs we are all acquainted with the story of Noah's Ark. From the animals who came in by "twosies" to the rainbow at the happy ending.
But what was life like for those who escaped the cataclysm? Eight adults confined together for over a year, with all their passions, prejudices, and dreams.
A catastrophe on a worldwide scale. And only eight people remain. Now these eight must learn to live together if they are to survive the coming months, imprisoned on the boat which will be their salvation or their doom. Related to each other by blood or by marriage, they explore the shallows or depths of their beliefs while struggling to cope with their own humanity.
In the novel we meet the familiar figure of Noah, but this time as a man who must face the fears of his family, as well as his own uncertainty. By his side is his wife Anna and their three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. The unfamiliar figures of the three daughters-in-law emerge as fully drawn women who face this tumultuous time as relative strangers thrown together in a time unlike any other.
Based on historical research of the era as it was and the human heart as it has always been, this book offers a glimpse into what life might have been like for all those captive to the redemption aboard the fabled ark of Noah.

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