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Young, handsome, and charismatic, Jason David Maxwell was the ideal man for any woman...and he was the future of the United States. Tutored by the best minds in America, he was dearly loved by The Twelve, a faceless and influential conglomerate of powerbrokers in America that was also called The Congress.

While on vacation in the beautiful island of Jamaica, his heart and soul became intertwined with those of the stunningly beautiful and enigmatic Delilah Kingston, a young black tourist. She was the woman with whom he longed to spend the rest of his life.

Tragedy struck the couple days after their secret wedding. Fire razed Villa Interior, their matrimonial home, as Jason left to pick up a gift for Delilah, his bride. She was declared dead. Life would never be the same for a heart-broken Jason Maxwell, who later became the president of the United States. Under his leadership, the American economy experienced a dramatic upturn.

The emergence of Dr. Delilah Kingston in the American public in Jason’s second term in office and his attraction toward her unbalanced all he had built over more than two decades. There were secrets in the family of President Jason Maxwell, secrets dating back many years, secrets that were potent enough to cause a scandal in the White House.

This is a story of love, hate, influence, pain, betrayal, infidelity, perseverance, and a second chance.

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