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Biblical Principles for Africa

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The question is often asked: why is Africa so beset by such enormous problems and tragedies? War, poverty, disease and now the killer which threatens to wipe out millions of Africans, HIV/AIDS. What are the reasons for our continent topping lists of needy countries for handouts by other successful nations? Why shouldn't Africa itself be a provider for other developing nations in Asia and South America?
The prosperity of every nation depends on how it responds to Biblical principles. Poverty and misery are guaranteed when God's Word is deliberately neglected. In the same way blessings and prosperity are assured for all peoples who take God's commands seriously. This is plainly declared in Deuteronomy 28. In this eternally valid promise God vows that He will set that nation "high above all the nations of the earth" if they "diligently observe all His commandments". The blessings in the next 13 verses will "overtake" the person and that nation which carefully observes Biblical principles. The same Scripture passage also promises all manner of awful consequences upon those who do not obey God's commandments. The evidence of verses 14 to 68 can be observed every day.
Biblical Principles for Africa is a manual on the way of blessing, for individuals, nations, Africa and the world. The author, Dr Peter Hammond, is not writing about theories that are of no earthly use. He has worked for over twenty-five years in African nations, has observed the cultures, problems and sins which destroy millions of lives. The principles in this book are based on the tried and proved principles of God's Word. I advise you to study this book for yourself, promote it in your church, send it to family and friends, and give copies to government officials in your area.
If people in Africa begin to practise the values found in Biblical Principles for Africa then we can truly pray 'Nkosi Sikelela iAfrica'.
Rev. Erlo Stegen,
Director of KwaSizabantu Mission

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