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Time has moved on and this is the third chapter of the magic horse's exciting travels, first we go to Sherwood Forest in search of Robin Hood. Then on to Camelot where they find Merlin and King Arthur, and last but not least on to Vicky's favourite journey yet, to see the greatest racehorse to have lived, you will grow to love the incomparable Sea Biscuit just as much as our heroine Vicky.
Then the time has come for Vicky and Red to visit where Red was born and brought up, and where he learnt his magical ways.
The land of the Unicorn is the most magical and astonishing land, everyone is magic, from the butterflies which can change colour, to the awesome power of the two wizards, in this stunning and remarkable tale where Uno the Unicorn is King, and everyone else is striving to be that little bit more magical than the next.
Let me take you on your most exciting adventure that you can imagine possible; it is a heart-stopping story of good against bad, and then a joining up of both sides to save the future of the magic land.
There is a distinct possibility Vicky could be stuck in the magic land if whatever was attacking was stronger than the magical powers living there.....

Published: P.J. Flynn on
ISBN: 9780954758738
List price: $3.95
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