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The Stone Circle

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A reporter for the local newspaper is investigating the disappearance of a number of people in the town of Milton Keynes. He has a theory that the missing people have been abducted. He deduces that all the disappearances have occurred near the stone circle at Willen Lake. Before he has a chance to report his findings, he too is abducted after witnessing a ritual where he sees how people are transformed into foxes by two evil witches.

Five months later his son, Simon, finds a trail of clues while compiling a school project about foxes. He enlists the help of his best friend, Tom, to investigate further. Their exploits bring them into contact with two nasty women from the local post office, Clarissa and Matilda, who show themselves to be adept in the art of witchcraft and magic. Dee, their boss, is the owner of the shop in which the post office is located and appears to have some influence over the two witches. The pair set about retrieving two blue crystal orbs that Simon and Tom have supposedly stolen from them, but which Simon’s Dad left in his post office box.

Amy, a former colleague of Simon’s Dad and fellow reporter, is also investigating the disappearances at the lake. She discovers the boys’ involvement and decides to assist them. Her boyfriend, Duncan, owns a shop selling esoteric items. Burt, Duncan’s assistant, is well versed in magic and astral travel. Together with Amy and Duncan, he assists the boys in getting the jump on the witches, helping them to cross over into a parallel world via a gateway at the stone circle. In this reality anything they think about is created instantly. They are saved from danger by a jovial knight who introduces himself as ‘Sir Laughsoutloud’ or ‘LOL’, as they come to know him. They are taken to the Temple of Wisdom where they meet a serene being named Lai. She introduces the boys to the Council of Twelve who seem to know everything about their purpose. A teacher named Kwan Chai is tasked with teaching Simon and Tom to control their thoughts. He shows them how to move effortlessly from one place to another as well as how to fly.
The boys are unaware that they are being trained for a twofold mission: a) to locate and defeat the evil Draskrath, before he can create a vortex into the earth plane and, b) in doing so, free Simon’s Dad and other abductees from Draskrath's influence.

The boys meet with the Council of Twelve again and each is given a gift to be used on their mission. Lai introduces the boys to the team that will accompany them. LOL takes the lead and Simon meets a tall Indian chief named Great Eagle. Also assisting them are Dee and a despot named Avildran, who leads Tom astray and steals the valuable Luminem. He trades Tom and the Luminem to Draskrath in return for a favour. He is granted an opportunity to ‘take over’ the life of someone on the earth plane. Tom recognises the person as his English teacher.

Burt joins the team through the process of astral travel in an attempt to be of assistance. Together they must defeat Draskrath and the witches, close down the vortex and return the captive souls (who can only cross into the earth plane in the form of foxes) to their own world through the gateway of light at the stone circle.

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