It isn’t enough to teach kids what to say and how to say it. Getting a bully to leave you alone is a process that takes time and a commitment to see it through. This isn’t something you can just complain about and be done with it.

The process I teach is based on operant conditioning techniques. Basically, I will teach why bullies bully, How to get them to stop using operant conditioning and how to become fearless in the face of the truly obnoxious

This book contains explains the vision of what I am hoping to accomplish with the Bully Vaccine Project. In addition to several essays which provide specific advice on how to implement the hardest aspect of this strategy as well as selected excerpts from my book The Bully Vaccine. It concludes with explorations of specific problems where bullying occurs so you can see how an operant conditioning approach is applied to real life bullying situations.

Published: Jennifer Hancock on
ISBN: 9781301357116
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