The author has been working in the field of Cryptology with Symbolic Systems since 2004. This book is an introduction to the field of Cryptology citing examples with common technology used today. The Gaia Theory by James Lovelock is the claim that Earth is a living organism. The Unconscious Collective Theory was proposed by Carl Jung who believed that people are interconnected. Earth functions like a Super Computer using Symbolic Systems. It has an operating system and uses mathematics as a language for communication. Earth would be a planet-sized single cell organism with an electromagnetic field shell membrane. Instead of a plasma shell membrane as seen under a microscope with single cell organisms, Earth uses an Electromagnetic Field Shell Membrane. While a single cell organism will use its plasma shell membrane to move nutrients around its body, Earth will use its Electromagnetic Field Shell Membrane to move information throughout its body. Electricity is the one thing that can pass through all matter on the Periodic Table. Carl Jung believed that people had a Subconscious Mind. The human mind is like an organic laptop computer. The desktop, and what is seen on the surface, would be the Conscious Mind. The hidden programs that are in the system tray would be the Subconscious Mind. Like a laptop with an internal wireless modem connecting it through Wi-Fi, the human mind has a similar internal wireless modem. Consumption of food and liquids powers the battery for the brain as a laptop. That generates an active wireless signal. When we die, that signal deactivates. However, while we are alive, our Subconscious Mind is constantly downloading program updates from the Consciousness of the Planet. The Consciousness of the Planet would be the Subconscious Collective. If Earth was a huge brain floating in space, the 7 billion people would be the 7 billion individual planet-sized brain cells. That Cumulative Consciousness is what gives us Earth as a sentient or self-aware entity. The way that humans would scoff at the idea of Earth as a living thing would be the same way our own individual brain cells (like microscopic humans) would scoff at the idea of contributing to a collective consciousness (the person) like that of a Planet. A human being is a microscopic replica of Earth with arms and legs. This opens up the theological debate about the existence of God. If Earth is alive, that would be like God. God would be the forest while humans would be the 7 billion trees that make up the forest. You can't see the forest from the trees. Earth, like God, would be the digital image. Humans would be the 7 billion pixels that make up the image. Science has reached a plateau because scientists are not using the correct model when they assume Earth is an inanimate object. This serves as a springboard for new kinds of research in mathematical biology. What if it turned out that the experiments scientists conducted were doctored or tampered with by an unseen mind of a planet that didn't want scientists to make certain discoveries until the time was right? That time didn't arrive until the Internet surfaced with sites such as the Internet Movie Database and Wikipedia mapping out all calendar dates and unique mathematical symbols that could be finally interpreted properly as a whole by human society. If a discernible pattern can be found with the number patterns tagged to key people in history and historical dates such as when states joined the Union, that would allow humankind to form a bridge of communication between Earth and society in the same way a human would be able to communicate with his own individual body cells. This would revolutionize medicine. Cryptology and Symbolic Systems is now available to anyone who has a computer with Internet access and a thirst for knowledge. This is the first volume of a series of books that covers a perspective on Earth as a real live Matrix that influences our daily lives.

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