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OneWorld Solution 2By2

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The world as we know it seem to be in need of a solution to a better path in it’s evolution towards a higher humanity. In this day an age we still have hunger and wars going on and compete for every morsel of life that we get our hands on without regard towards our neighbors. All we need is a hundred Nobel laureates in different fields of knowledge to assemble and theorize a solution. I am not a prize winner of any kind but I know that there is something very wrong in our early evolutionary childhood on this planet of ours that is affecting us all in sadness and shame in what we ignore and bicker over in greed. There has to be a step by step solution that we could fallow so everyone has their basic needs provided from the day we are born to the day we pass on to the next life in our transformation. I seem to have acquired common knowledge and common sense in my 65 years of existent in this world from various jobs and challenges that I've overcome. If you are interested in knowing as to the type of plan I have devised towards a solution that would take 100 years or less if we are in a hurry to help our children achieve happiness and hope for their future. My solution can be given to be scrutinized for its worthiness to any group who is willing or wanting a world in need of change, if only we could wake up?

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