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Love Fountain

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With Ro apparently safe until nightfall, Taj leads the assault on the genetic laboratory responsible for all the super babies.
There she finds Karrteh. What he does to her, what they do to each other is so amazing, so enthralling and so distracting that both miss important clues which might have forestalled the coming disaster.

She goes from him to meet Dino, falls helplessly in love and does what comes naturally. When Dino is abducted, Taj wreaks her vengeance on the grinning Langdon, compliments the 5 Ophiotauran soldiers on their expertise, makes some barren women very happy and visits Loosha with Evan to share her doubts about Maggie and Edie.

Loosha passes on a message from Ro, effectively tying their hands and shares her fears for her mother who is weak, confused and feels abandoned.

After they leave Loosha. Evan and Taj almost start to get down to their favourite occupation, but this time Evan puts his foot in it again and manages to annoy, irritate and almost lose Taj. She decides to teach him a lesson and makes him her total love slave with a new manoeuvre she invents on the spot.

Ro returns home, but she is already asleep and being drained when they reach her, so they bring in reinforcements to help try to keep her alive through the night.

Ro freaks out on waking in a bed full of naked bodies, ’ports out to a secret hidey hole and gets so viciously attacked that she has to message Evan for some healing help. Yet she will not allow him to heal her completely.

Evan is devastated at the damage done his first lover.

And Taj’s mother finally dissolves her marriage.

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