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Lamborghinis Don't Need Test-Driving
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Sex is awesome. So why would anyone want to wait until marriage? Everyone is aware of the risks with pregnancy and STDs. But is that it? Is the only reason to avoid negatives? The truth is there are many benefits for guys who wait until marriage for sex. This book explores the nature of sex and why waiting until marriage provides the most optimal sex life for young men.

The draw of sex is extremely strong. The physical pleasure is perhaps the highest there is, and the act is thought to provide love, acceptance, adventure, intimacy, social status and a host of other benefits. However, sex isn't magic. It has rules of operation. I want you to understand those rules so that you can use sex properly to give you what you really want.

Most guys want three things: 1. The physical pleasure of sex. 2. A girl who meets his needs. 3. A relationship that makes his life more easy and comfortable.

These are all well and good, but if these three are left alone the experience eventually becomes quite hollow.

These three need another three to complete them. 1. A girl to desire him. 2. To provide for her needs. 3. A relationship that has meaning and purpose.

Because of the way sex is naturally, the best way to gain all of the first three with the all of the second three is to wait until marriage for sex. Sex before then may be fun, but it will be hollow. It cannot provide for the latter 3 needs, which are the most important.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy.

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