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Sandy Hook Slaughter: The Newtown Shooting and Massacre in Connecticut - Adam Lanza. Thoughts and Lessons on a Tragedy and the Coming Paradigm Shift.

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"Sandy Hook Slaughter..." explains the developing set of events that led to the now infamous massacre in Connecticut. It weighs the gun control debate providing a brief history of gun control positions and offers solutions to the problem. it also examines the autism factor and takes a critical look at Nancy Lanza's parenting decisions.

This book is a short must read for the nation providing solutions that will be practical in preventing such a tragedy from every happening again.
Out of the darkness may hope glimmer eternal forging a path where we as a nation put families over firearms, people over politics and common sense over conservatism.
10% of the proceeds from this ebook will be donated to the fund set up for the families of the victims.

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