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He's the Guy!: Suzi B. Mystery #4

140 pages1 hour


A man calls the police to report that he saw what he believes to be some gun flashes in the window of an apartment near his boat.

When the police respond to the call they discover two dead men who look like they shot each other, and the CSI and medical examiner agree that it was a shoot-out... that they both won.

The police and District Attorney can’t find any motive or evidence of anyone else being involved, so they both close their files on this mutual-murder of two men who have never seen each other before, and are writing it off as a burglary gone bad... until Suzi B. reads the police report and notices that everyone else missed, so she manages to have the coroner call for a formal inquest hearing, at which time she promises to prove that someone has committed perjury and that the double-murder case should be re-opened.

In order to prove that a witness has lied, Suzi must enlist the help of Jack Bibberman, the law firm’s top investigator, Stuart Schwartzman, a friend and client who also owns an aerial photography company, and also an expert from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, who might provide Suzi with the statistical information she needs to crack this case.

Peter ex-wife Myra, the county’s elected District Attorney is also in the picture this time, but for once she’s on Suzi’s side, but still doesn’t know what’s going to happen at the inquest

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