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Come, Follow Me

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Come Follow Me, asks pastors, leaders and Christians everywhere to re-think their ministry priorities. Too often we spend most if not all our resources and time on ourselves. We tend to forget that the mission of Jesus was to save the lost and bring them back into relationship with God. The ancient church in the first century felt the work Jesus did was so important that it was to be carried on. The author wants to get that message back on Christian’s radar. This book starts by discussing the importance and priority of the gospel message. Gary ends the book with teaching that encourages us to again start praying and asking God how we can partner with him in the Priority of Redemption.
Topics covered include; The Kingdom of Darkness, God’s Purpose for the Gospel and Reconnecting Spiritually with God. The last half of the book discusses becoming a partner with God in what he is doing. The incarnation, the Baptism of Jesus and the Temptation of Jesus actually teach us how to become partners with God and allow him to work through us as he still seeks those that Jesus died for.

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