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Not by Dark Alone

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Alphard is one who stands apart. In a group-oriented, telepathic society, that makes him an oddity. Even more because he is Dark, non-telepathic.

That very oddity allows him to save members of a Research team who will die without his help.

Yet when those of his species abduct two members of a potentially intelligent alien race — they call themselves Humans — his abilities will be taxed to their limits.

He and his team members, Rose and Violet, must learn to communicate with these Humans and return them to their people before the military on both sides intervenes and everything spirals out of control.

Whether working alone to save Researches from the worst thing that can happen to his people, or with Rose and Violet facing the answer to the question "Are we alone in the Universe?", Alphard must risk his own life and Rose and Violet's sanity.

He cannot do otherwise. The fate of two species rests on the choices he makes. He mustn't fail.

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