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Manuela, young, feminine and sensual, moved to New Genoa. She is the new teacher. She takes her students to visit the Freedom, a genetic improvement farm. There, they learn about breeds, beef cuts, selection and evolution. They also know Cowboi, strong, almost a bull, Mariana’s favorite cow.
Mariana is also beautiful, more a slim type, specialist in genetics and reproduction, passionate by horses and races. She is engaged to Julian, the administrator of Freedom and godson of Juvencio, Mariana's father and owner of everything.
One day, Juliano has an accident. Seriously hurt, he is absent, escorted by Juvencio. Mariana takes Freedom’s management and occupies her rightful place. She and Manuela, they share their frustrations, their anxieties. Mariana entertains her friend with her theories about the differences in the evolution of men and women, sexuality and behavior. She always has an explanation for everything. They find themselves naturally close. No guilt, no sin. A miracle? Cowboi’s spirit?

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