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Jesus’ Wedding

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Jesus' Wedding assembles an easily understood model that unifies the mystical experience, which gives birth to all mythologies and spiritual rituals. Elements from every belief system come together to prove the existence of a universal divine nature. Following this model, it is possible to draw the deepest meanings from the symbols and metaphorical expressions within the spiritual language that form the mystical veil.

Throughout history, society has been ruled by either matriarchal or patriarchal spiritual systems. In each belief system, only half of the population was able to reap the benefit of enlightenment. The other half were either spiritually enslaved or destroyed. Jesus' Wedding confirms that both belief systems are valid paths to enlightenment that need to co-exist within society.

In order to create a positive spiritual experience, personal beliefs and practices must be compatible with the psychology of the individual. Full enlightenment requires that a person complete the path of both belief systems. It is time to acknowledge both sides of the spiritual model and allow all persons the chance to fully participate in a spiritual awakening.

Once the overall system is understood, the archetypes that create the stepping-stones of spiritual development will be discussed. This timeless system will empower the individual to make an informed decision about the spiritual teachings and practices that will benefit spiritual development and allow them to approach the path of enlightenment.

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