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Anis is an alien with a problem. Dissatisfied with the puny men of his planet, he travels to Earth to find a breeding partner.

Desperate for a child, he mates with the strongest male specimens Earth has to offer. But, a surprise lurks inside for the hot Earthling men he seduces: a retractable tentacle.

Will a series of steamy close encounters leave him impregnated with the alien-human hybrid he desires?

Follow Anis on a journey of hot, gay sexual encounters in, Tentacles: Bred By The Alien.

Anis tilted his head in amusement as the human advanced on him. He was a fine specimen: tall, broad shoulders; a strong, muscular body from life on the farm; high cheek bones and piercing blue eyes.

He felt his cock grow hard.

His eyes pulsed once asking the man to stop. They communicated through a kind of psychic link. Anis could not speak a human language, but he could convey his desires through clairvoyance.

Obediently, Billy stopped in his tracks. Anis approached him in a slow delicate stride. It was difficult to walk under the Earth’s gravity; he hadn’t grown used to it yet.

He removed Billy’s shirt, revealing a mass of muscles. He was hard and brawny with a barrel chest. Anis smiled. The man was a god compared to the frail men of his planet.

He ran his fingertips over Billy’s darkly tanned skin. It felt warm to the touch.

A shiver ran through his body. Anis felt his tentacle stir inside him.

Published: Simone Holloway on
ISBN: 9781301975648
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