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Ghost Stories From Beyond The Grave: A Collection of Short Stories

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Ghosts will Shadow Dance in your subconscious...
Ghouls will Pace your bedroom, and...
Beasts will Interrupt your serenity in ...

Ghost Stories From Beyond The Grave.

FIVE Sinister Stories from Emily Hill:

1. SEATTLE'S LITTLE DEAD GIRL" In 1907 Seattle City Father's made the fateful decision to move the Woodland Cemetery - and MOST of its dead. But the author's experiences - and documented reports in local newspapers - ensure that the bodies may have been moved, but The Spirits remained behind. Based on TRUE ACCOUNTS!

2. DOLLS WATCHING: In this startling TRUE TALE Antique Dolls sigh, and eye the dinner party guests, as a HAUNTING PRESENCE takes over a college reunion in 'Glass-Eyed Dolls'.

3. "BODIE, CALIFORNIA is a ramshackle ghost town of leaning wooden buildings and dusty roads that warble into the unknown - the unknown world Beyond The Grave. Bodie is replete with wide expanses of sagebrush-dotted land, coyotes that howl at a garish moon, and disgruntled spirits that roam the night desert in search of a Portal back to the world of The Living." Based on a TRUE story.

4. GROVE OF TERROR: Buried Treasure, or an Escort to Hell?

"The deck mate’s body DROPPED heavily onto the closed lid of the Treasure Chest like a dead weight dropping through the gallows door. Clunk! Boots and all...And with that, the Captain threw back his head and offered, as a prayer for the dying, a burst of laughter." Based on an historical account published in 1907.

5. SPIRIT VESSEL ON THE HIGH SEAS: Read what happens after an unassuming couple accepts an invitation to spend the night on what turns out to be ... A GHOST SHIP!

If You want THE TRUTH about the Occult, the Supernatural, the Realm BEYOND Our Own then these ghost stories ... taken from True Accounts ... should be ADDED to Your Collection - RIGHT NOW!

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