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The Ultimate Truth Detector: How to Tap into the Infinite Universal Data-Base to Discover the Truth about Anything, Anywhere!

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The Ultimate Truth Detector is about various techniques using muscle-testing or kinesiology to extract the truth... pure and simple. This simple, concise and user-friendly manual contains simple descriptions of how to do it, its myriad applications and the wonderful results you can expect. Having written over a dozen motivational, inspirational success books and having conducted hundred’s of live seminars in over 25 countries, during the past 14 years the author Richard Carswell has especially found the muscle testing of extraordinary value when it comes to achieving goals and living your purpose. This work goes above and beyond most books written about muscle-testing and its applications about your physical health, vitamins, minerals and what your body says it needs wants or doesn’t need. This book sheds tons of light and marvelous insights into consciousness, the expansion thereof and the true reasons why you are not where you want to be and achieving your goals quickly, with ease and grace. I wouldn’t dare attempt do a personal coaching session without using muscle-testing as the major tool to uncover the truth revealing the inner insights that get the desired results. ---- Richard Carswell

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