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Ghosts in Houses & Other Spooky Places

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Enter a world of the unknown and the paranormal, where strange ghostly and haunting happenings take place all over the world.

Ghosts in Houses & Other Spooky places is a book that explores ghostly realms in haunted houses, haunted hotels, historic castles and cursed graveyards.

Locations where the former living and demons still roam today, sparking interest for ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, believers, sceptics and those entertained by the dark imaginations throughout history.

Whether you’re a believer or sceptic yourself, this book is sure to send a chill down your spine and raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

Ghosts in Houses & Other Spooky Places takes you through many famous haunts around the world including the Monte Cristo Homestead, Berkley Square, the infamous Glensheen Mansion, the Whaley House and Raynham Hall, home to famous ghost photography of the Brown Lady.

We also look into haunted hotels including the Hotel Del Coronado, the Fairmont Banff Springs, and Mussolini’s old and haunted room in Florence, the Hollywood Roosevelt, where Marilyn Monroe’s haunted mirror still sits today, with more haunted hotels in the mix.

Castles are a great place for ghost hunters also and this guide covers many of the castles throughout Europe, known to be haunted including the most haunted place in the world... Edinburgh Castle and the most demonic activity found in world at one of Hell’s seven gates... Houska Castle.

Finishing off in unholy and cursed cemeteries including the famous St Louis Cemetery, cursed by Voodoo Priestess Queen Mary and the burial grounds said to be the sight of Satan’s son plus many more disturbed graveyards like the spooky Highgate Cemetery, Greyfriars and the Catacombs in both France and Italy.

Learn about the different types of haunts, experiences, types of ghosts and all these haunted location with Ghosts in Houses & Other Spooky Places.

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