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The Classical Reciter

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I will never forget the responses from my children when I announced that they would have to start memorizing poetry...
"Poetry!" spat the boy.
"Memorize?" quavered the girl.
...and each wore a look reminiscent of one who is chewing tin foil.
Four years later, I would love to say that they have embraced poetry and that I have to fight off their constant pleas to learn more, more, more...but that would be a lie. I can, however, truthfully tell you that memorizing poetry has had the following effects on them:

They fell in love with each poem they memorized.
Their test grades improved.
Their self-esteem increased.
They are always peaceful while working on poetry.

What's more, rediscovering poetry through my children has done all these things for me, as well. Now, I wish to bring this beauty into your life.
Poetry belongs to mankind: it is a cultural common ground, accessible to all. If everyone committed some poetry to memory, this planet would be a more peaceful and civilized place.
You are never too old or too young to bring some poetry into you life. This book contains something for everyone. You will be amazed when poetry focuses your mind on beauty, and the stresses of life subside.

135 poems organized by grade level, preschool through adult.

This is the companion book for the overnight sensation blog, The Classical Reciter. Take the challenge at(

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