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Volume 5 is my first portion tied to Hollywood Cryptology. The previous 4 volumes set up a framework for understanding Cryptology. It shows how the character Indiana Jones aligns with the state of Indiana. Steven Spielberg is born 12/18 when New Jersey became a state. Indiana Jones is based off of real archaeologists Vendyl Jones born 5/29 for Rhode Island and Wisconsin as well as Roy Chapman Andrews born 1/26 for Michigan and Florida. So Indiana Jones is named after a state, created by a state date director, and based off of 2 real life state date people. Align this with "Da Vinci Code" where author Dan Brown is 6/22 for Arkansas, director Ron Howard is 3/1 for Ohio and Nebraska, and Tom Hanks is 7/9 for South Carolina and Louisiana. This volume gets more into more challenging decryption codes. To establish that there is a pattern, I showed how the symbol of AL manifests multiple times. AL is Alabama, which rejoined the U.S. after the Civil War on 7/13 of 1868. Harrison Ford, as Han Solo, is born 7/13. The ships are X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, and B-Wing. I point out that the word "wing" in Italian is "ala." That would align with the abbreviation for Alabama. Then I point out how Alec Guinness was known for "Bridge Over the River Kwai." That movie was released on 12/14 of 1957. Alabama became a state on 12/14 of 1819. Alan Ladd, Jr. supported the film during its ups and downs and his initials are AL. Anakin Skywalker married Queen "Amid Ala." meaning "Amid Alabama." I point out the humor in how George Lucas has a daughter named Amanda Lucas, whose initials are AL where her character was Terr Taneel. If AL is Alabama aligning with Harrison Ford 7/13 who is Han Solo as Captain of the Millennium Falcon, then that's how you would get Amanda Lewis as AL or "Captain and Taneel." One thing that makes this book different from the last 4 is that I go more into geometry proofs applied to words. For example, I'll break the word "Millennium Falcon" down into an acronym. I show how the name Obi-Wan Kenobi can break down into the term "Of 5/29 of 1929." That would align with Peter Ware Higgs born that day and where the God Particle is the Higgs Boson. (Or was that the Biggs Hoson?) The Force was tied to Midi-chlorians. A section talks about people as planet-sized Midi-chlorians. If Earth as a living organism was like a human being, microscopic humans on the planet would behave sort of like the Force managing things. There's a section on Tom Hanks, which seems out of place. However, it's meant to compare Harrison Ford's character Indiana Jones to Robert Langdon. Both are Cryptologists. There's a bit more elaboration on the concept of the Jedi Religion. It may have an advantage over other religions because it has movies that are well-known throughout popular culture. The Jedi Religion also warns against hatred and corruption. Other religions don't really get into that, which can make future leaders vulnerable. Should corruption or hatred infiltrate the Jedi Order, its leaders would be more likely to listen to reason if their peers are pointing out that they act in anger or follow the ways of the Sith. There's a chapter that talks about the Ewoks aiding the Rebel forces. It is a metaphor. Religion is practically on its last leg. The Shield Generator protects the Death Star from taking any damage, which would be like the scientific community that doesn't believe there's anything that can stop the Death Star. However, if you introduce the concept of Earth as a living organism where its Electromagnetic Field interconnects living things like planet-sized brain cells, it opens up the theological debate. Once you can establish there is reasonable evidence to prove there is a Consciousness of the Planet, it is like the Shield Generator being destroyed leaving the Death Star vulnerable. This volume is like C-3PO attempting to explain to the readership as Ewoks who stumbled across this book how their help is needed in taking down that Shield Generator.

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