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When the FBI face a series of bank robberies with no evidence of how the money was taken, Special Agent Nathan Taylor and his team are called in to find out just who, or what, is behind them.

How is someone getting in unseen, without setting off any of the alarms? Is it some fantastical technology, or are one of the new Powers able to use their abilities to sneak straight in?

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The Sound of Money - James Haresign

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What about the Raven angle? From your reports it seems this has been entirely forgotten when the Power theory got raised. You do realise that the two aren't exclusive?

I was quite aware of the theory that Raven was so good because he was a Power. I'm not sure I bought it though. The vibrations discounts Raven, nothing else. Quantum Labs have confirmed it's all the exact same frequency and no equipment at any of the banks would create that.

I'll be landing in an hour. I want everything laid out when I get there. We'll see what you've missed.

It was no surprise he'd taken special interest in this case. If we didn't stop him his home town looked to be next. Well, that is if our theory of him building up to Seattle was totally off the money. If that turned out to be the way, I'd be lucky if Caldwell even kept me on the case, never mind lead agent.

As I started to collect the files for the Assistant Director to go over, a siren started to sound in the main office. I looked through the glass wall to see what the hell was going on and spotted Durham just reaching my door. She spun in and grinned