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When you spend years living a double life, hiding your true nature and passions from the world, the stress can become unbearable. When revealing those truths may cost you, and those you love, life itself, those stresses become magnified to levels even the most imaginative people can scarce comprehend.
Daniel and Lauren, and to lesser degree Bonny, have been living that life for nearly a decade. Daniel and Lauren have been undercover intelligence officers working in the murky world of paramilitary violence. Several attempts have been made on their lives and many have died in those attempts. Daniel and Lauren withdraw, exhausted and spent. They try to re-build.
Those they threatened have not forgotten them. The knowledge they fear they carry hangs over the conspirators in Belfast and London like the sword of Damocles. They think Daniel Dawes wields that sword. He must die to keep their secrets safe and hidden. As Daniel, Lauren and Bonny take a holiday, a plot to silence Daniel is unfolding. He will be tested like never before. When it’s over, his grip on his sanity and his life will hang in the balance.

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