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The Secret of Bishop Hill

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Calling all readers! I need your help. What I've done is start a contemporary novel of the changes one woman goes through after her divorce, but I want to make sure I write a book you'd love to read. So please, take a look and let me know how I should proceed. How would you like the characters to develop, the plot, the twist and turns. I truly want your help!


Rachel Clark is trying her best not to go crazy. Following her divorce, she packs up everything she owns and moves from Chicago back home to Bishop’s Hill, Mississippi; a sleepy little town steeped in antebellum history, southern charm and a trio of eccentric neighbors. Rachel loves the town. It’s the neighbors who are driving her nuts.
Between John-Thomas (the handy-man with knowledge ), Slim (the former circus performer who keeps a gigantic hot-air balloon in his back yard) and Grace (the artist who hasn’t set foot outside her home in thirty years) life becomes a series of unexpected yet never-failing-to-intrigue events.
At first Rachel accepts her neighbors for what they are: a group of bewildering eccentrics, fun and funny, interesting but harmless. She has never been more wrong about anything in her life. Her neighbors are indeed harmless, but far from bewildered. In fact, within each of them lies a wonderful secret. A secret that has the power to change the lives of those who are fortunate enough to discover it. It is the Secret of Living. It is also the secret of Bishop’s Hill.
And Rachel Clark is about to discover it.

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