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Business Failure
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Everyone in business wants to succeed. Everyone wants to focus on and celebrate success. So why should anyone want to read about failure?
This book provides 50 examples of things that can contribute to business failure...steps along the road to disaster. These examples are my personal choice based on many years in business working for companies both large and small. It is a real mix of types of issues...leadership, financial, marketing, sales, operational.
Business failure is very common. Most startup businesses fail...probably at least 90% depending on how you define failure. Over time, even the most successful companies can suffer a decline in fortunes, be taken over or go bankrupt. And in addition to the high profile business failures, thousands of small businesses disappear every year.
Therefore it is quite likely that you will experience working in a failing business at some point in your career.
So if failure is commonplace, wouldn’t it be a good idea to know something about it? Most people tend to learn more from failure than they learn from success. If you are successful you tend not to think about what is making you successful...if you fail then the bad experience makes you consider where you went wrong. And people who learn from failure become stronger and are more likely to be successful in the future.

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