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This book gives advice on keeping and breeding 36 species of tetra. It is based on the author's over 50 years experience in keeping fish and the things he has learned in over 20 years of running an aquarium shop.
The Tetras in the book are the:
Adonis Tetra,
African Long-Finned Tetra,
Black Phantom Tetra,
Black Neon Tetra,
Black Widow Tetra,
Blind Cave Tetra,
Buck Tooth Tetra,
Buenos Aires Tetra,
Cardinal Tetra,
Colombian Tetra,
Congo Tetra,
Costello Tetra
Diamond Tetra,
Emperor Tetra,
Flame Tetra,
Glass Bloodfin Tetra,
Glowlight Tetra,
Gold Tetra,
Green Neon Tetra,
Head and Tail Light Tetra,
January Tetra,
Lemon Tetra,
Minor Tetra,
Neon Tetra,
Paraguay Tetra,
Penguin Tetra,
Pristella Tetra,
Red Eye Tetra,
Red Phantom Tetra,
Rosy Tetra,
Rummynose Tetra,
Serpae Tetra,
Silver Tetra,
Silvertip Tetra,
Splashing Tetra,
Vampire Tetra and the
Yellow Tail Tetra

Published: Steve Challis on
ISBN: 9781301078493
List price: $2.99
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