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The Zombies Are Coming - Protect Yourself

Have you offended an old voodoo queen & been saddled with a curse to roam the Earth as a zombie slave?

Have you been approached and bit by a disheveled, pasty complexion, incoherent person sporting a limp, drooling issues and a stiff neck?

If so, you may be turning into a zombie.

Whether preparing to join the undead or just preparing for the coming zombie apocalypse, this is the book for you.

In this short guide, So You Think You're a Zombie, author Chance Buckman takes you through the many ridiculous ways he feels someone could become a zombie. He then sets out to help the afflicted reader prepare for their impending transformation from human to walking corpse in his usual tongue in cheek manner.

If you feel you may be turning into a zombie, click quickly and read fast. You may not have much time to take in all this valuable information.

Published: Scott Richland on
ISBN: 9781301348480
List price: $2.99
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