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Gavin Talbot is one of the best criminals the world doesn't know about. Known to the Police only as Raven, Gavin is left wondering what to do when a job gets interrupted.
The obvious answer seems to be:
'Find the next job'.

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The Pitch - James Haresign

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Is this your whole crew? They both nodded. So what's the plan? Offer to steal it, he pays up front, and disappear before he knows he's been had. Not bad, though I'd imagine most of the time you're lucky to get even half up front.

Oh no, we sell it to him alright, and deliver. Will said with a cocky grin across his face.

Gavin studied them both for a second. Oh, you are actually doing the Mona Lisa variation. Will's grin disappeared. Fair enough. So I take it you're the forger?

The grin was already back, And more.

How many buyers?

Eight. Will said, earning a glare from Kelly.

Eight? That's pushing it. Valfierno kept it to six for a reason. At least least tell me they're not all in New York?

Both of them looked embarrassed, though Kelly hid it a lot better.

I want a thirty percent cut, Gavin stated bluntly.

Hold on there cowboy, Will said. What gets you that much?

We'd have lost Bateman if Michael hadn't stepped, and he nearly doubled the payout, Kelly answered for him.

That's nice. But thirty percent of whole cut? I think not. Twenty percent of Bateman's, now that sounds fair.

We'll see.

No, we won't, Kelly said, finding strength in Will retaliation. Fine, you helped us secure Bateman as a buyer, and significantly increased his haul, but we've got the rest covered. With that the two stood and marched out the bar. Gavin finished the last