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The Power of Observation

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Observation Training - The Power of Observation is a series of online observation training courses designed to enhance your leadership skills training and general awareness. You look but you do not see EVERYTHING; you listen but you do not hear Dr. Harry Jay's compelling book "The Power of Observation" teaches a person how to see EVERYTHING that the eye takes in and how to evaluate it in the conscious mind so the person misses nothing. Learn how the mind filters out stimuli and how to reprogram your filters to take advantage of everything you see and hear using the latest education information technology. Every sales and marketing executive should read this book and take advantage of this brain training online. This book is for anybody in business and investing, marketing and sales, and small business & entrepreneurship. The courses offered are the exact same online police training courses used to train law enforcement. When it comes to observation training, not only is this one of the only courses available, it is the best online training available.

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