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Yours, Mine and Ours: A Charming Romantic Comedy

280 pages3 hours


She’s the new nanny to her own triplets—surprise!

Although dance teacher Robin Lindstrom was an egg donor eight years ago, she never knew whether any children resulted. Now, out of work, she takes a job as nanny for scientist Flint Harris, a widower.

He’s a strict but loving single dad to his mischievous triplets. They’ve driven away all the other nannies, but not this one. The precocious kids have snooped and found out that Robin’s their biological mother—plus, they like her. That’s why they maneuvered their dad into hiring her.

Unaware of the trio’s plotting, Robin and Flint fall in love, but they’re complete opposites. It’s going to take a few earthshaking surprises—and a lot of matchmaking by the triplets--to bring this family together. Rendezvous magazine praised the “wonderful plot with funny, endearing characters who made me laugh and who touched my heart.”

USA Today bestselling author Jacqueline Diamond has published more than 100 romantic comedies, medical romances and mysteries.

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