It seems that Society blames the parents of the drug addict for his feebleness in life. In this short book you will not find any sympathy for the drug addict as we deal with the real victims which are the abused parents. It shows you how to spot a drug addict for they all manifest the same pattern which is impossible to hide. We answer the legal questions which go with drug abuse.

Addicts strive on misguided sympathy (which is why I have none to give) and play that card as much as possible. We have a saying in law that you cannot claim the courts sympathy as an orphan after you killed your parents. Same thing here. You take the drugs knowingly and willingly and keep on doing so and then want sympathy? Everyone must now feel sorry for you! Bit ridiculous is it not?

Unfortunately not in our modern liberal Society! Most charities (all long haired liberals by nature) are only concerned with the poor addict. They offer zero assistance for the parents and loved once and condemn them as bad parents. That is absolute nonsense in most cases I dealt with. As said, I wrote this briefing for the parents and the loved ones and the need for it is great.

Published: Jacobus Kotze on
ISBN: 9781301252978
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