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Chasing Shadow (Shadow Puppeteer, Book 1)

294 pages4 hours


Belen McKnight has no records, no parents and no idea where she’s from. Found wandering on the side of the road at the age of two, covered in cuts and bruises, she’s been in foster care ever since. With a bad temperament and the ability to alter people’s emotions, it’s hard to find a forever home.

Her liberation from the foster care system is in view, but girls her age are disappearing and there’s a rumor that the government is involved. When a young man she met at a party shows up to her school dressed like a government official, trouble follows.

The all-encompassing World Congress isn't from earth, and they aren’t the only ones pursuing her. As an untrained Shadow Puppeteer, the last of her kind, she needs to stay ahead of her pursuers and find the root of her trouble, which has something to do with the parents she never knew.

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