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A Hot Zombie Mess

188 pages2 hours


Mori didn’t want a dead-end office job. He wanted to make it big as a musician, but with his current goth rock band, Tears of Sorrow, he is lucky to get paying gigs. In the latest attempt to pull his band out of obscurity, or at least get a paycheck, Mori books a show in the backwater town of Merdeaux, Louisiana. At first it seems like a typical show, but when zombies attack the band is forced to confront the undead threat. Mori grudgingly leads his bandmates to safety above a local strip club along with a few of the town’s survivors. He comically finds himself in over his head dealing with scheming locals, his ex-girlfriend and current guitarist, Raven, a plethora of sexual innuendo, and the ever-present walking dead. Mori and Tears of Sorrow will have to learn that the living dead aren't their only enemy if they hope to survive the night.

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