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Conversations With an Immortal

170 pages2 hours


Is humanity on the verge of a spiritual transformation?

In this extraordinary work, author Don Durrett presents a near-term future where America is on the precipice of a complete transformation of society.

Conversations With an Immortal is the story of John Randall, a New Age writer-lecturer, and Peter Vaughn, an immortal. These two embark on a three-city lecture tour to explain the coming changes to humanity. It becomes a short adventure where they meet interesting people and discuss many topics.

At each lecture, both John and Peter discuss issues that revolve around an impending spiritual transformation. A list of topics includes: the near future of humanity, the current state of spiritual awareness, why the world is going to change, soul growth and reincarnation, earth changes, the meaning of life, and relationships. They share with their audiences what they know and impart a deep spiritual wisdom.

If you are on a spiritual path and have questions about what the future holds, then this book will feed your soul. Author Don Durrett is one of the better spiritual philosophers writing today.

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