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Their Finest Hour

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World War II – Growing international tension leads to the most destructive war in history.
Poignant tales from Germany’s shores to America’s Home Front

Encounter With Destiny by Cynthia Breeding
Nadia Rajak was Rom.
Persecuted by Hitler as much as the Jews were, her people weren’t inclined to heal wounded German soldiers. Yet, when she finds a German captain unconscious and bleeding in the woods, what is she to do? She’s a nurse, sworn to help heal, not kill.
But in taking him back to her camp, she brings prikaza—bad luck—to her people.

Shores of Refuge by Polly McCrillis
It was a day on the beach for Nicky Lowell. Two of them.
From 21st century California to the southern coast of war torn 1940 England, where she falls into the hands of RAF officer, Ellis Bevenger. Suddenly, the holidays are not at all what they had expected.
She never imagined she'd land the perfect kiss in England. And it only took traveling back 70 years in time to get it!

On the Home Front by Leanne Burroughs
World War II left the world in turmoil. And not just in Europe. Many Americans were sent home with injuries. Would their lives ever be the same again? Ryan Burgess didn't think so.
Allison Monroe would do anything to protect her daughter from the realities forced on them from the void her husband's death left.
Can Ryan and Allison put the horrible memories of the past behind them? More importantly, can they both learn to love again?

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