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Miriam Marston's Poltergeist

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Elderly Miss Miriam Marston leads the opposition to a highway construction project that would destroy her house and the others on Oakview Avenues that the Mayor and others with finanical interests in the matter are trying to push through. When it is learned that she claims to share her house with a prankish poltergeist named Jennifer, her opponents focus attention on that claim expecting it to destroy her credibility. Instead it leads to widespread interest and interviews that seem to support her claim and many stories of different people’s interaction with Jennifer over the years.
In a radio interview Miriam explains how the city is blocking those seeking the official information about the project and challenges the city administration to prove its claims about the roadway project. That evokes a newsworthy negative response from the Mayor and interest from others who weren’t paying the project much attention until now.
Various allies back Miriam’s calls for full disclosure. A retired professor hired to investigate on the assumption that he will deny there is a poltergeist results in a romance for Miss Marston. By showing up and having her say when no one expects that Miriam sets an example of how to fight city hall with facts and figures - and maybe some old lady clothes for effect - no threats or shouting needed even with a invisible prankster knocking in the walls.

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