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The Poor Farm

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An action-packed mystery, elderly love and ghost story (157 pages)
A 1930s Poor Farm in Justice County, Missouri, bought by Alice and Leroy Griggs in 2009, is taken over by drug lords and jealously guarded by the ghosts of Blacks who were wards of the state during the Great Depression of the 1930's.

Alice and Leroy Griggs believe themselves secure in the last economic venture of their lives. They are active, hard-working seventy-year-olds, still deeply in love.

Alice and Leroy buy the abandoned Poor Farm to plant Christmas trees. Tilling the soil together, they find bones of murdered Blacks from the time of the Great Depression. Along with the skeletons, they uncover spirits from the nether world.

Corruption, past and present in Justice County, finds Alice and Leroy. The two are helped by Jeremiah, leader of the ghosts, to join with members of the First Baptist Church of Wilson to fight the White Angel. And the drug dealers. The descendants of pioneers who freed the prairies and plains of Indians, Commancheros and Renegades, rally under Leroy's leadership to battle against trained killers.

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