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Unspoken Valor

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Often, you don't see the heroes around you.

Jack and Charlie are two of the millions of farm boys who dropped their bales of hay and joined the Army in 1943 because it was the right thing to do. The lifelong friends serve together in basic training, but are separated to pursue additional military training that fit their individual talents. Only weeks after their separation, Jack finds himself assigned to his dream job, gunner on a B-17 crew that makes regular bombing runs over Germany. Charlie is disappointed to be assigned to 'company clerk' school, but soon finds himself assigned to General Dwight Eisenhower's staff at Allied Headquarters in London.

A perfect confluence of events brings the two friends back together during a time of critical planning for the D-Day Invasion of Europe. In the midst of a Luftwaffe attack on the secret location where the D-Day planners were meeting, Jack and Charlie are united as bombs explode around them. The two young men crawl into the collapsing mansion where Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, Winston Churchill and several other high ranking planners were trapped and dying. Their incredible acts of heroism ultimately save the invasion plans and, possibly, the entire war effort against Hitler and his Nazi regime.

Medals for heroism are considered for the two men, but a decision is made at the highest levels that public knowledge of the pair's actions would be detrimental to the war effort. Their meritorious service to their country and the world is forgotten...almost.

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