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Winning the Genetic Lottery

Length: 126 pages2 hours


In this 35,000 word story, a trillionaire offers a billion dollars to whoever has the most entertaining use for it. Jim flippantly posts, "I’ll get more women pregnant than any man before me."

Little did he know when he hit send, that he'd get chosen! Now newly minted billionaire Jim must now make good on his promise to set a new world record.

But he has better help than he could imagined. Julie, the smoking hot executive assistant he's been drooling over for the last two years at his day job, secretly harbors a pregnancy fetish. She's a member of an internet breeding forum, and she sets out to become Jim's right-hand woman once she finds out what his task is. She rapidly hires other forum members hired to handle the affairs of Jim's breeding empire. Soon Jim's employees are getting pregnant faster than the other applicants!

This erotic story contains plenty of graphic impregnation-focused sex, particularly between employer and employee, as well as some pregnant sex.

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