Turbulence 7
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Funerals are for the living. Dallas finds no closure at Marlin’s new age service, however, where none of Marlin’s friends can figure out what caused him to drown himself. He was happy and well-liked, and led a rich and active life. Was the pressure of the turbulence too much for him? Of all the flight crew, he’d been the least distressed about the uncanniness of Flight 511. Since Marlin treated the turbulence as an adventure, his suicide makes no sense at all.

The distraction is welcome when Paul is called to DC to deal with his angry condo association, and Dallas comes along for the ride. The overnight stop turns ugly as Paul tries to determine whether he fits into his old life anymore—and how to put an end to the turbulence for the chance at a life worth living.

Published: Jordan Castillo Price on
ISBN: 9781301089512
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